We have been made aware that across the province, on Thursday, April 4th, students are
talking about walking out of their classes to demonstrate their feelings about the recently
announced changes to our public education system by the Provincial Government.

Grand River has a scheduled Success Day where students attend classes in the morning and
are invited to attend wellness sessions or academic tutorials in the afternoon. This Success Day
was scheduled as a component of our annual school success plan and aligns with the
WRDSB’s strategic plan where student wellness is a key focus.

As educators, we respect the right of students to express their voice in a positive and respectful
way, where such actions are peaceful and safe, and do not hinder the safe passage of people in
our schools or the opportunity for learning and academic success.

As a result of this previously scheduled day, students at Grand River who intend to demonstrate
will not be walking out of classes. Instead of a student walk out, student leaders at Grand River
have organized a rally in support of public education that will be offered as a component of our
Success Day.

We are committed to supporting the safe and appropriate expression of student views:
 Our rally will be peaceful and respectful (adhere to the school code of conduct).
 Students choosing to participate should become informed on why they are rallying.
 Students should remain on school grounds at all times.
 Students choosing not to participate must be allowed to do so, without pressure.

While students are thinking about being active citizens and about how to make their voices
heard, we would ask that, as a family, you discuss the issue and your student’s actions.