For Grade 9 Caregivers/Parents and Guardians:
At Grand River we always run a fun night for Grade 9 students on the second Wednesday of the school year. This event runs from 6:30pm to 8pm.
In conjunction with this event we welcome the caregivers of our grade 9 students to come to the school for an “Everything You Need to Know about Grand River and High School Boot Camp”. During this evening we have parents rotate through a number of information sessions related to how High School “works”, information regarding graduation requirements, course selection, post secondary pathways, extra-curricular opportunities and other important information and processes as well as the support services available at Grand River and how to help your student be successful in high school from an academic and wellness perspective.
When you bring your student for Grade 9 Night come into the school. Leadership students will direct you to where we are hosting the Grade 9 Parent Information Sessions! At the end of the evening you can meet back with your student to take them home. Both events start and end at the same time.
For All Caregivers/Parents and Guardians
We are always looking for individuals to be involved as volunteers, on the school council and members of our Safe Caring and Inclusive Schools Committee. If you have an interest in any of these please message the appropriate administrator below:
Interested in School Council:
Interested in the Safe Caring and Inclusive Schools Committee: