College delivered workplace Dual Credits offer students the opportunity to experience college while earning secondary credits.  Students enrolled in these credits will attend Conestoga College full time and be registered as a college student.  Eligible students participating in the Workplace Dual Credit programs will receive assistance (Eg, bus pass) for the commute to/from the college campus.  There will be no cost to the student for tuition or textbooks.

Subject Course Codes Credits Semester Acceptance Notification
Brick & Masonry Fundamentals  YBRICK  3  1  Mid May
Culinary (cooking) Fundamentals  YCULIN  3  1  Mid May
Mechanical (Plumbing, Welding & Heating) Fundamentals  YPLUMB  3  1  Mid May
Note: Optional 4th credit (GLN) available based on student graduation requirements.



Students wishing to pursue their apprenticeship may choose the College Delivered Apprenticeship Preparation Dual Credit program in Grade 12.  This program allows students to work in their chosen sector to complete 2 Co-Op/OYAP credits and to complete 2 college credits in the sector at Conestoga College.  All 4 credits count towards earning their Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements.

The college credits will also be applied to the first year college program in the related sector (Eg, Automotive Service Technician, Cook, etc…).

Skilled Trade Course Codes Credits Semester Acceptance Notification
Automotive Service Technician OYAUTO 4 2  Mid November
Early Childhood Education (Child Development Practitioner) OYECED 4 2  Mid November
Truck & Coach Technician OYTRUC 4 2  Mid November
Cook OYCOOK 4 2  Mid November
Welding OYMETL 4 2  Mid November

** All applicants will be interviewed by the Dual Credit teachers at their home school and their Guidance Counselors will be notified of their acceptance into the Dual Credit program.


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