This page is an archive of notable past events in the world of history at GRCI.


Member of Parliament Visits Civics Classes

Grade 10 Civics students enjoyed meeting and connecting with
Raj Saini, our Kitchener-Centre federal M.P., who
dropped by both afternoon Civics classes for a Question and Answer
session. Mr. Saini informed students about the workings of government
and why he chose to be a politician. Students asked about NAFTA,
the  marijuana legislation and the challenges faced by the
federal government in today’s changing world.

World War One Day

Students studying grade 10 Canadian History travelled to
the Waterloo Region Museum and experienced a unique
opportunity to participate in a ​new, full day​ program offered
in partnership with the History Matters Association, a Great
War re-enactor organization. Enthusiastic presenters displayed
numerous ​First World War artifacts and paraphernalia. Students
wore the military clothing of different nations, were drilled in ​battle
school and participated in a brief 400 person re-enactment of a trench
battle.​ They learned about the ​role of women, viewed​ century old ​
equipment demonstrations, learned medical procedures, and observed
​much more about the significant historical impact of World War I
on Canada, as well as on the local community.​

Return to Vimy Ridge: 100th Anniversary

Holodomor National Awareness Tour

Students from the grade 11 Genocide and Crimes Against
Humanity class were able to climb aboard a state of the
art mobile classroom and use digital media to explore the
Ukrainian genocide of
1932-1933. This unique learning
opportunity fostered 
critical thinking, communication,
digital literacy, and encouraged social responsibility, as
well as cultural and global awareness.



Grand River Students win Top Award at Fed-Prov

On December 3rd and 4th, a group of Grand River history students
participated in the 47th annual Federal Provincial Simulation, a 16
school, two day conference held at the University of Waterloo.
This year GRCI was tasked with being the Western Press and operated
as the “The Prairie Post”.
For the first time in the history of the conference, however,
Grand River broke with the traditional newspaper format and
published all news stories, interviews, pictures, and videos of the
conference electronically. Judges from the “Kitchener-Waterloo
Record” found their efforts most appealing and named GRCI as
the 2014 winner of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record Press Award.


 Holocaust Survivor Shares Testimony

 Grade 10 history students had the humble and valuable
opportunity to hear Holocaust Survivor, Max Eisen, speak
at GRCI. At the age of 86, Max is still sharing his gripping
story of survival at Auschwitz,a concentration camp during
World War II. He spoke of losing his entire family, the many
horrors he e
xperienced while in the camp, but also of
the resilience of the human spirit.
The message Max wanted to leave students with, is to speak
up when they witness others being harmed in society, whether
that be at their school, in their community, or even in another
country. The more voices that are heard, the more that change
will occur. Students were appreciative of Mr. Eisen’s visit, and
many took the time to speak with him personally
after the presentation







 Mental Health Advocates Speak with Grade 11 Students

Annually, during each semester, all grade 11 HSP 3UI and HSP 3CI
(Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology) classes are
visited by Beautiful Minds, an organization affiliated with the Canadian
Mental Health Association.
The presentation features a variety of speakers associated with the
organization talking about the social stigma attached to mental health as
well as their experiences living with, and overcoming, various mental
health challenges. Students are asked to examine their own views
about mental health and wellness, and to be understanding
of others who may be experiencing challenging mental health issues.


 Premier Kathleen Wynne visits GRCI

Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, made a surprise stop by
GRCI to meet and interact with students. She also posed for pictures
with staff members, including members of the GRCI History

 Ms. Urquhart Makes TV Appearance on “Dragon’s Den”

Grand River History Department’s own Ms. L. Urquhart made an
appearance on
the popular T.V. show “Dragons’  Den”. While her
business venture did not
garner a formal offer from the Dragons on
the show, she was contacted by
other interested parties.
Congratulations Ms. Urquhart!

Ms Richardson Profiles New Local History Book

GRCI History Department Teacher, Ms. L. Richardson, was featured
in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record.  To read all
about her adventures,
as well as her recent work in the fields of historical research, writing
and photography, please visit the site link below.                  

Former Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, Visits GRCI

The Rt. Honourable Paul Martin (Prime Minister of Canada,
2003-2006), visited the school to personally thank GRCI for
its support of the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative.
Mr. Martin also took time to speak to a larger group of students,
including several senior History classes, in the school cafeteria
where he answered questions about leadership, Aboriginal education
in Canada, global economic issues, and what it was like to
be the Prime Minister of Canada.