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2013-2014 Yearbooks are available for pickup
at the Office


New Bell Times:

Earlier this year, a decision was made to change the bell times at a number of schools in the WRDSB as a cost-saving measure.  Starting in September, GRCI bell times will be changed by 10 minutes, so that students attend school from 8:15 a.m. until 2:25 p.m.  As a result, our daily timetable in 2014-15 will be:
Reg day schedule new


Student Transportation:

Please be advised that effective September 2014 most students that have previously been issued GRT passes will now be assigned to a yellow school bus, including most students in our fast forward program.

Please follow the instructions below to log into your student’s account.

Go to

  1. Go to Student Login (scroll to the bottom of the website)
  2. Enter student’s Ontario Education Number (this can be found on report card)
  3. Enter student’s birth date (dd/mm/yyyy)
  4. Enter student’s street number (house number only)
  5. Select student’s school


Who’s My Guidance Counsellor
Surname begins with…

A–D                 S. Rose
H–ME             M. Prentice
E, F, MI–R     R. Payne
G,  S–Z           M. Church