The following steps are useful to follow when you are needing help and clarification with homework and assignments:

1. Talk to your classroom teacher.  They may provide help before or after school or at lunch.

2. Student Success (room 1-120).  The student success room is open everyday at lunch for student use.  The room has computers and resources for student use.  There is a teacher available each lunch hour for help.

3. Learning Resource Centre (room 1-117).  Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) can use the Learning Resource Centre for extra help.  This is open before and after school as well as during lunch time.

4.  Math Help Room- Room 3-204 is available each lunch hour for extra help in math.

5. Peer Tutoring- GRCI offers peer tutoring to junior students who are struggling in courses.  See your guidance counsellor to be matched up with a peer tutor.

6. Online Math Tutoring for Grade 9 and 10 students