Fast Forward is a unique diploma granting program (OSSD) focusing on preparing students for the workplace. The program is designed to develop students’ literacy and numeracy skills in addition to their learning and employability skills necessary to be successful in a work environment. Students’ preparation for employment includes a variety of opportunities for work-related learning experiences including earning industry recognized certificates.

The Fast Forward Program meets the needs of a student who:
• Has struggled with literacy and numeracy for a significant period of time;
• Is academically 2-4 years out of phase;
• Has had significant accommodations or modifications to their elementary school program;
• Has an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Students in the Fast Forward program benefit from the opportunity to:
• Earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
• Improve their reading, writing and mathematical skills and gain greater confidence as a learner
• Develop their learning skills and employability skills
• Build an Employment Portfolio
• Participate in work-related learning experiences (e.g. Co-op, Career Days, Employment Fair, team-building activities, etc.)
• Earn certificates recognized by local employers (e.g. Safe Food Handling, WHMIS, WRDSB Sector Certificates, etc.)

Fast Forward provides a variety of programs, each one connecting the secondary school experience to a specific industry or sector. The Fast Forward Program and the associated sectors available at GRCI are:
• Construction Technology
• Hospitality & Tourism
• Manufacturing Technology
• Transportation Technology

To make an application to the Fast Forward program, contact your current school’s guidance counsellor, spec ed resource teacher or administrator. For additional information, contact Learning Services 519-570-0003 X 4539.