Check out all of the clubs that are offered before school, at lunch, and after school every day at GRCI!​

Art League

The Grand River Campus Art League is a club open to all students, not just those enrolled in Art.  We believe everyone is an artist and that they should tap into the creative side of themselves.  This club is what students make of it.  The Arts and Crafts we do are chosen by students. In the past, we have painted holiday cards, made and sold buttons, done face painting. The options are endless!  We meet weekly in rm T119–we run on a flex-membership model, which means all are welcome any time!

Staff Sponsors: Mrs. Bruce Miller 


Black Student Union (BSU)

A place for black students to find support, discuss current issues, and lead change in the school. There is the opportunity to attend conferences and listen to guest speakers. 

Staff  Sponsors: Mr. Windsor, Mrs. Elahi 

BLUE CREW EXEC Leadership 

Blue Crew is our elected Student Council group. These senior Leadership students take the lead on planning and organizing all schoolwide activities such as dances, spirit assemblies, fundraising,  school social media etc. Leadership students are also able to earn a credit through the Grade 11 and 12 Leadership courses offered. The Blue Crew meets every other Monday.

Staff  Sponsor: Ms. Hansen, Ms. Schulz

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Book Club

Book Club is open to any student who enjoys reading! We read two books each semester and meet to informally discuss our opinions and thoughts about these novels. We also exchange suggestions for great books and promote the joy of reading and the right to enjoy all kinds of authors, topics and stories. Members can join anytime!!

Staff  Sponsors: Mrs. Popplewell

Cake Decorating Club

You don’t have to be a chef or even experienced in the kitchen to decorate a cake, cookie, cupcake, or brownie.  As part of our club, you will learn a variety of techniques for decorating treats that will amaze your friends and family.  Whether you are a beginner or have previous experience, we will make projects that will teach you new skills and challenge those who already have some background in decorating.  We meet every Wednesday at lunch in Room 1-220

Staff  Sponsor: Ms. Heipel and Mrs. McConnell

Club Francofun

Bienvenue à une espace pour parler, s’amuser et apprendre au sujet de la francophonie! Welcome to our space to learn, have fun and practice French in a judgement free zone. We welcome all students regardless of French background – you only need to bring an interest in learning more about the French language or culture. A great opportunity for those studying French to meet with different grade levels and get support or to just jaser/ charler avec les un.e.s les autres.

Staff  Sponsors: Mme. Chumley, Mme. Read, and Mme. Wells

Cubs Junior Leadership

Welcome to the Student Activities Junior Leadership Club! This club is open to all Grade 9and 10 students who are interested in getting started with their leadership journey at GRCI. The Cubs build leadership skills through planning and organizing events and activities such as spirit days, pep rallies, Grade 8 days etc. We also assist the Blue Crew with planning schoolwide events.

This group meets every other Friday in the Library.

Staff  Sponsor (s): Mrs. Wing, Ms. Bukala, Ms. Soroka, Ms. Hansen, Mrs. Schulz

Drama Productions

GRCI produces a number of exciting theatre productions throughout the year! From our Remembrance Day show in the fall to the National Theatre School Drama Festival in the winter, to any number of major shows in the spring, there are opportunities for actors, costumers, prop builders, set crew, tech crew, and more.

Staff  Sponsors: Mr. Furmaniuk

Entrepreneurship Club 

New Club! Topics include public speaking, presentations, debates and trivia. Entrepreneurship club

Fed Prov Club

Federal-Provincial Simulation (Fed-Prov) is a two-day student government activity involving hundreds of participants from 16 secondary schools role-playing Canada’s federal and provincial governments, as well as the press. Participants engage in discussion and debate about many of the most critical and important issues facing our province and country today! The club meets on Tuesdays at lunch in 1-208.

Staff  Sponsors: Mrs. McConnell

Games Club

If you enjoy out-witting your opponent in a game of Chess, Connect 4, Euchre, and lots of other games, bring your lunch and come on out to the Games Club! Everyone is welcome. We meet every week in room 1-102 from Tuesday during the lunch hour!

Staff  Sponsors: Mr. Wetstein

Games Club – 21st November 2019 – Superkids


The GSA is the Gender and Sexuality Awareness group, also known as the Gay Straight Alliance. It is a safe space for the LGBTQ2S+ community, and allies, to connect, support each other, and just have a good time! LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, and Two Spirit. We will meet every Tuesday at lunch (from 10:50 – 11:50) in the Drama Studio (T-107). All students are always welcome!

Staff  Sponsor: Mrs. Church, Mr. Furmaniuk, Mr. Penner

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Improv Team

Calling all comedians and quick-witted performers! GRCI’s Improv Team is an exciting and energetic way to make friends, express yourself, and have fun. We make up characters and scenes on the spot, performing at school events and competing at the Canadian Improv Games competition. Come on down and see for yourself what all the laughs are about.

Staff  Sponsors: Mr. Furmaniuk

ISA (Indigenous Student Alliance) 

A club for everyone that
builds community and helps
raise awareness about Indigenous issues.*Non-Indigenous Students are welcomeStaff  Sponsor: Mr. Riche
Indigenous Student Alliance

STEM Club 

In STEM club, students get to explore through discussions, games and activities, the wondrous world of science and technology that is all around us. The club also applies some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into the weekly activities. If you are interested, we meet every Tuesday at lunch in Rm 3-233.

Staff  Sponsor: Mr. Clifford, Mr. Emrich

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Student Senate 

Every other Monday the leaders of all of our Major clubs, groups and affinity groups within the school meet. Each group gives updates about upcoming activities and events and we share ideas about how we can support each other’s groups!

Staff  Sponsor: Ms. Hansen, Mr. Windsor

Student Well-being Group 

The Student Well-Being group is new to GRCI this year! Our goal is to create initiatives that support student wellness and mental health.


Staff  Sponsor: Ms. Hansen, Barb Shannon (Social Worker)

Tech Crew

The technical crew, often known as “techies” are the students behind the scenes and “backstage” to control all the technical aspects of creating a concert, play, musical, or other live performance. The roles of the students in a tech crew can vary depending on the nature of an event, and often evolves as the production does. The technical crew is in charge of operating the lights and controlling the volume of the sounds and music. In large scale production, the tech crew can consist of many students in different aspects of the production.

Staff Sponsor: Mr. Mayer

Yearbook Club

Are you interested in photography or journalism?
Are you interested in learning more about the school or being part of a team that will leave a lasting impression?
If you answered “yes” to at least one of those questions, then the Yearbook Club may be for you. The Yearbook Club is open to students in Grades 9 to 12.
For more information or to join the Yearbook Club, please email the advisor, Mrs. Murison (
Staff  Sponsor: Mrs. Murison