Timetable Changes- Semester 2, 2024
If you need to make changes to your 2023-2024 semester 2 timetable due to:
1. change in pathway plans
2. failed course last semester
3. missing a prerequisite course for entry into a post-secondary institution
You can book an appointment before February 9th, 2024 using the online booking system grc.wrdsb.ca/academics/guidance.  Simply scroll to your guidance counsellor based on your last name, click on book appointment and select a day/time that suits you.
Ms. Hansen : surnames A, B, N, O
Mr. Matura: surnames C, D, P, Q
Mr. Dirks: surnames F, G, H, I, J, K
Mrs. Zukowski: surnames L, M, R
Mrs. Church: surnames E, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Course Calendar

MyBlueprint provides students with a description of the all of the courses available to them.   Log in using your WRDSB school account.  Click on High School Plan and search for courses by clicking the +add course button.  You can filter by grade and discipline.  Please pay attention to the prerequisite courses needed.

Click on the 2023-24 Course Calendar Listing 2023-24 Course Calendar for GRCI’s listing of courses.

Click on the 2024-25 Course Calendar Listing 2024-25 Course Calendar for GRCI’s listing of courses.

COMING SOON!! 2024-2025 COURSE SELECTION: February 7th and ends March 1st, 2024