New York City – Here we come!!!

Students interested in attending New York City in the Spring of 2016 must complete their first online payment through school day by Nov. 6 and return signed copies of the following forms.

Itinerary – GRAND RIVER NYC- 5 DAY-2016-overnight return

Student Behaviour Expections – Behaviour expectations

Permission form & Medical Information – Med-Info-and-Consent 2016



Strings Magnet Program

The strings magnet program is a WRDSB recognized magnet program, which means qualified students within and outside the GRCI boundary are eligible to enter the program.

Instrumental strings is a program that focuses on the development of a broad range of musical skills for students with a particular interest in instrumental string music.  The GRCI music program includes many extra-curricular groups and small ensembles including two string orchestras and a full symphony orchestra.  Students participate in off-campus events and performances throughout the year.  Each year students are also given the opportunity to participate in 2 off-site music camps that builds both skills and a strong sense of community.  Please note that students attending Instrumental Strings from areas outside of their designated home school boundary are responsible for their own transportation.

Music Courses & Programs for All Students

We offer dynamic instruction in a wide variety of disciplines: strings, band, guitar, vocal and piano keyboard.  Multiple co-curricular opportunities allow students to further develop their abilities and help build community, leadership and musical excellence.  Many students take advantage of additional extra-curricular options such as: Fall and Spring music camps, yearly music trips, fundraising opportunities and various community events.