WELCOME to the Grand River Collegiate Visual Arts Department!

Peruse the courses below to see what types of projects you may tackle when you sign up for each course – Click on each course for more details.

Pay attention the the prerequisites listed so you enroll in the correct level.

Best of all, you can take each one sequentially to get the most out of courses grad 9-12!

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Why Take Art?

Meet your Department Members!

Welcome Grade 8s! 
What you can look forward to in the Art Department!?

Extracurriculars in the ARTs at GRCI

Grand River Campus Art League

Gardening Club

Course Offerings – What to Expect


Grade 9 Art
(no prerequisite)

Grade 10 Open Art
(no prerequisite)

Grade 11 Open Crafts
(no prerequisite)

Grade  11 Open Photography
(no prerequisite – grade 9 and/or 10  Visual Arts highly recommended)

Grade 11 College/University Art
(prerequisite grade 9 and/or 10 art)

Grade  12 College/University Art
(prerequisite grade 11 College/University art)

Grade 11 Open Crafts
(no prerequisite)



Grade 10 Open Studio Art

Grade  11 Open Crafts