During the course of the school year, our students have many opportunities to engage in various learning activities. Specific courses such as our science and technology classes, that involve the use of tools, chemicals and machinery, and our physical education classes, that involve movement with equipment, carry a risk of injury. In addition, students participating in the interscholastic athletics program or field trips should be aware that there is a risk of injury when engaging in those activities.

Sometimes, accidents result from the nature of the activity and can occur without any fault of the student, or the School Board or its employees or agents, or the facility where the activity is taking place. The Waterloo Region District School Board does not provide any accidental disability, dismemberment, dental, death, or medical expenses or insurance on behalf of the participating students.

Schools are encouraged to direct parents to the Staebler Accident Insurance website for online subscription at:

While participation in the program is voluntary, we would like to communicate the importance of acquiring student accident insurance to the parents/guardians within their school communities. The insurance being offered will provide students with excellent medical and dental coverage at a reasonable cost.

Whether you are interested in playing sports for fun or as part of a competitive team,
Grand River athletics has much to offer, including:


JR and SR Boys Volleyball
JR and SR Girls Basketball
Varsity Girls Field Hockey
Co-ed Cross Country
JR and SR Boys Football


JR and SR Girls Volleyball
JR and SR Boys Basketball
Varsity Boys Hockey
Varsity Girls Hockey
Varsity Co-ed Wrestling
Nordic Skiing
Alpine Skiing
Varsity Girls and Boys Curling


Track & Field
JR and SR Tennis
JR and SR Badminton
Girls Rugby
Boys Rugby
Varsity Girls Soccer
SR Boys Soccer