Athletes’ Code of Conduct

Team players are selected to represent GRCI and are expected to conduct themselves as suitable ambassadors for our school at all times. It is a privilege to be on a GRCI team, not a right.

Players are expected to be conscientious students, and good citizens of the school.
Students are responsible for work missed due to athletic games.
All athletes in our school must be full-time students.

Good sportsmanship means showing respect in dealing with teammates, coaches, opposing teams, officials and spectators.

Athletes using bus or cab transportation are expected to adhere to the rules established by the driver or teacher in charge.

Students must purchase a Student Activity Card, and pay a sport specific fee as set by WCSSAA. A deposit may be required for the use of a school uniform. Team uniforms are to be worn for team activities only.


FALL: Boys’ Volleyball, Football, Jr. Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Basketball, Field Hockey, Sr. Tennis, Cross Country Running.

WINTER: Curling, Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Boys’ Basketball, Girls’ Volleyball

SPRING: Badminton, Rugby, Jr. Tennis, Track & Field, Sr. Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Soccer, Golf.

A student shall be eligible to participate in only ONE sport per season, with the exception of Badminton, Golf, Tennis and Nordic Skiing.

All injuries must be reported to the coach. If warranted, the coach will fill out a Risk Management Form. (available in the main office)

Players are responsible for the safekeeping of their own valuables during practices, games and field trips.

Consumption of drugs or alcohol is forbidden on any school premises, and at any school sponsored event.

Once the commitment to a school team has been made, players are expected to follow through with their commitment to the team.

Players who have been selected for a team may not leave that team to play on another during the same playing season.

Players leaving a team, after having been made eligible, may become ineligible for school competition from one year from the date they left the team.

Each individual student may present his/her case to a committee comprised of: Principal or Designate, Student Activity Director and Athletic Department Head, for a final decision.

Absences by an athlete from practices or games should be discussed with the Coach, if possible, beforehand or as soon after the absence as possible.

Excessive absence from any course could lead to removal from a school team at the discretion of the coach and/or administration. In order to play on a specific game day, players must be in attendance at school and in class. Strict adherence to dismissal times is required to optimize use of class time and related successes.

NOTE: The Athletes’ Code of Conduct has been constructed to assist players, coaches, and administration in making Grand River’s Athletic Program rewarding for all those involved. Coaches may establish additional requirements, which will be provided to athletes at the beginning of the season. The rules contained in this code are to ensure respect and dedication for the Athletic Program and all.