Welcome to the GRCI Library!  We are a proud partner with the Kitchener Public Library-Stanley Park branch.   Because we share our resources and space with the public, this building is a true neighbourhood hub!  
The library is available for students to study, read, work and get connected!  For Semester One, the KPL is open to students at 9:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm every day other than Friday (5:00 pm closing time).  The school’s computer lab closes at 2:45 pm daily, however, the KPL has several desktop computers, plus laptops and iPads for your use with your KPL membership.  Students are welcome to book the small study room and to use the tables for quiet reading or creative work. 




Are you new to GRCI?


Welcome! At GRCI, you will have access to both our school’s computers and the platform of Google Apps for Education (GAFE).  Both of these accounts use the same login procedures.


Note: Only after you have attended your first classes, will you be able to access your accounts. (Access may take up to 24 hours.)

Your Google Account

  • This account is yours until you graduate
  • You must change your password every 90 days→ login to myway.wrdsb.ca to register
  • Check your school gmail daily
  • You can get to your account through MyWay  or google.wrdsb.ca
  • You will be prompted to sign-in using your username and password