The following guidance courses are offered at GRCI.  Click on the blue highlighted course code to view the course outline.

Career Studies, GLC2OH and GLC2OB (Fast Forward) This course teaches students how to develop and achieve personal goals for future learning, work, and community involvement.  Students will assess their interests, skill, and characteristics and investigate current economic and workplace trends, work opportunities, and ways to search for work.  The course explores postsecondary learning and career options, prepares students for managing work and life transitions, and helps students focus on their goal through the development of a career plan.  Check out the course outline for further details.

Leadership and Peer Support, GPP3OI-This course prepares students to act in leadership and peer support roles.  Throughout this course students will assess their personal characteristics and strengths as it relates to performing in a peer support role.  Students will also develop skills in communication, interpersonal relations, teamwork, group dynamics and conflict management and apply these skills as a peer tutor within a class environment.  Throughout the course students will gain practical leadership experience through a peer tutor placement within GRCI where they will assist a teacher and students in a classroom setting.

Designing Your Future, GWL3OB (Fast Forward) This course prepares Fast Forward students to make successful transitions to postsecondary destinations as they investigate specific postsecondary options based on their skills, interests, and personal characteristics.  Students will explore the realities and opportunities of the workplace and examine factors that affect success, while refining their job-search and employability skills.  Students will develop their portfolios with a focus on their targeted destination and develop an action plan for future success.  Check out the course outline for further details.

Learning Strategies,  GLS1OB (Fast Forward) This course focuses on learning strategies to help students become better, more independent learners.  Students will learn how to develop and apply literacy and numeracy skills, personal management skills, and interpersonal and teamwork skills to improve their learning and achievement in school, the workplace, and the community.  The course helps students build confidence and motivation to pursue opportunities for success in secondary school and beyond.  Check out the course outline for further details.

Student Leadership,IDC3OX Through individual and collaborative inquiry and research, students will analyze the connections among diverse subjects and disciplines; develop information literacy skills in analyzing, selecting, evaluating, and communicating information; and become aware of a variety of resources and viewpoints on leadership issues.  they will also examine their own leadership styles, relate their inquiries and research to real-life situations, and investigate leadership opportunities in new disciplines.  Check out the course outline for further details.

Student LeadershipIDC4OX  -Through individual and collaborative inquiry and research, students will apply the principles and skills derived from the subjects studied throughout the course in order to examine a variety of resources and viewpoints related to leadership issues.  They will also learn how to select strategies to define problems, research alternative solutions, assess their thinking in reaching decisions, and adapt to change as they acquire new knowledge.  Check out the course outline for further details.