SPY BUY Day is Friday, Sept 16th – this is a one day cash blitz to buy a student card, yearbook and/or t-shirt at special pricing.  SPY BUY special pricing packages for student cards, yearbooks and t-shirts are only available online through school-day.com until midnight Friday or in school, by cash, on Friday.  Students will be able to continue purchasing student cards at regular price after Friday.

All payments for Student Cards, T-shirts, Yearbooks, Teams and other events can be made online by following the School-Day links on our website grc.wrdsb.ca  Payment (debit or credit) can be made through School Day 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Cash will be accepted on September 16th; NO cheques will be accepted.  Students wishing to purchase a picture package will need to bring payment made out separately to LifeTouch. – see details below.

Gold Package Student Card, T-Shirt* & Yearbook $75 (Save $10)
Blue Package Student Card & Yearbook $68 (Save $7)
White Package Student Card  & T-Shirt* $38 (Save $2)

Why do I need a Student Card?
You must have a GRCI student card to participate in any school club, team or extracurricular activities including school dances.  Activity Cards are the major source of support for all extracurricular activities, Honours Breakfast, awards and other student activities offered at Grand River.  Your purchase of a student card is the key to a successful student activities program.

Why should I smile for the camera? I’m not buying pictures.
All students will be photographed on Friday September 16th.  This photo is needed for the office, counselling records and school yearbook.

Why do I need a separate payment for picture packages?
GRCI does not take the pictures or payment for them.  Lifetouch will be at the school on September 16th to take care of this.  A variety of picture packages will be available for your purchase.  A brochure detailing the options will be distributed through Period A classes during the second week of September.  This brochure will also contain a tear-off envelope which can be used to submit payment.  Picture packages may be purchased by cash or cheque (payable to Lifetouch Canada or via a secure Lifetouch website).  Photo retake day is scheduled for October 21st.
Parents will be able to view pictures and order them online by going to mylifetouch.ca and entering Picture Day ID: QX206307Q0

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