Purpose and Expectations

We would like to remind our families that Wednesday, November 9th and Thursday, November 10th are Instructional Support and Evaluation Days.

We will once again be utilizing these days at the midpoint in each semester, as listed on our Ministry-approved calendar. These days are an opportunity for students and teachers to provide time and space to focus on a variety of assessment and evaluation methods that will aid students in consolidating learning and demonstrating the overall expectations.

We have found these days extremely beneficial in terms of students’ well-being and student achievement. Learning opportunities could include assessments, performances, conferences, completion of assignments, credit rescue and/or additional opportunities to demonstrate a skill or overall expectation, or meeting with collaborative groups, as determined by each course teacher. Depending on the learning opportunity offered, in-person attendance may be required; other opportunities can be accessed remotely.

  • Teachers will communicate expectations for these days to their students and notify specific students if in-person attendance is required
  • The days will run on the regular daily schedule
  • ACE students will attend school with regular programming and follow regular attendance procedures
  • Transportation will run at regular times