We want to remind students and caregivers that Wednesday, May 10th, is a Blended Learning Day. Students are not required to attend in-person but will have learning provided through the virtual classroom and live meetings with their teachers. Teachers communicated to students their expectations for the asynchronous and synchronous portions of the day.  School administration will engage staff in professional learning opportunities around instructional and assessment strategies that support de-streaming and single streaming in secondary schools.  Our ACE classrooms will operate in-person as regularly scheduled.

    • Attendance will be taken.
    • A supervised study space will be available in the morning for students who choose an in-person environment at school
    • Blended Learning Days are instructional days.
    • In the morning, students will participate in asynchronous learning by logging into their class VLE (Virtual Learning Environment = Brightspace or Google Classroom) and complete the work provided by their teachers for all their courses and in the afternoon they will be provided a synchronous session for each course to support the work that was assigned in the morning
    • ACE students will attend school with regular programming and following regular attendance procedures, optional OT coverage for ACE teachers will be considered at each site.


  • Transportation will run at regular times.

HERE you will find the Grand River Blended Learning Schedule

Learning in the afternoon is REMOTE and  SYNCHRONOUS.  Students will be expected to be available to meet with their teacher and classes as directed