Families who wish to change the mode of learning for their student for Quadmester 2 must do so by Friday, October 16 at 4 pm. This is one week earlier than the previous deadline.  Families who wish to change their student’s mode of learning must fill out this form:


The following  graphic was created for students to assist in making their mode of learning decision.

If you have any challenges completing the form, please contact the school and speak with office staff  to indicate your preference for mode of learning (In-School or Distance Learning Program). If you have any questions, ask to speak with your student’s vice-principal.

If you are not requesting a change to your student’s mode of learning, you do not have to complete the form or contact your home school staff.

Secondary students will transition to their new learning environment, in-person or distance learning, at the start of Quadmester 2 on November 16. In the meantime, we encourage our families to have their student continue to attend their in-person or distance learning program.