Our beloved department consists of the following teachers, with the courses they teach in parentheses. Click on the course code to view the course summary (Microsoft Word required), which will highlight the prerequisite, essential learnings, topics covered, and evaluation breakdown for the course.


Mr. W. Hill, Department Head [MPM2DIMCV4UIMEL4EI]

Mr. D. De Souza [MFM2PI, MEL3EI/B, MCF3MI, MDM4UI]

Mr. S. Hemmerich [MPM1DI, MEL3EI/B, MBF3CI, MDM4UI]

Ms. N. Ledgley [MPM1DI, , MFM2PI, MCR3UI]

Mr. M. Medensky [MAT1LI]

Mr. R. Payne [MBF3CI

Ms. M. Riley [MFM1PIMHF4UI]

Ms. A. Teichroeb [MPM1DI, MFM2PI, MHF4UI]

Ms. J. Tilbury [MFM1PI, MPM2DI, MAP4CI]

Ms. L. Warner [MAT2LI, MCR3UI]